Fundamentals Question #2


Which task can the registered nurse delegate to an LPN?


  1. Collecting a sputum sample from a client with suspected pneumonia
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  2. Educating a client about how to administer home insulin injections
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  3. Administering IV hydromorphone 0.5 mg for pain
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  4. Evaluating a client receiving chemotherapy
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The correct answer is option A: The LPN can perform standard procedures on clients like urine and sputum samples, basic focused assessments, indwelling urinary catheter insertion, IM injections, providing oral meds. Teaching, intravenous pain medication, and evaluating a client receiving chemotherapy are outside of the scope of practice for an LPN. Remember anything that deals with assessments, educating, evaluating, developing a plan of care, IV medications, unstable clients, or invasive/complex procedures where there is unpredictability the RN is responsible for doing it, and these tasks cannot be delegated.

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