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The nurse is reviewing a patient’s intake and output. During the time period from 0700-1500 the patient had the following intake and output: Two 16 oz bottles of water, one 8 oz. cup of coffee, 3 T. of antacid, three 6 oz. cups of ice. Calculate input in mL.
The family reports emptying the urinal measuring 8.5 oz., 18 oz., & 9 oz. The nurse emptied the bedside commode of 650 mL of diarrhea twice during the shift. The patient has a chest tube that has 55 mL of drainage in the collection chamber. Calculated output in mL
Based on the calculation, which fluid imbalance is the patient at risk for developing?


  1. Fluid volume overload
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  2. Dehydration
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  3. Hypervolemia
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  4. Fluid volume excess
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The correct answer is B The patient is at risk for dehydration because more fluid is coming out than in is taken in. This patient needs IV fluids and medication for diarrhea. The patient is losing too much fluid and is not in overload. Hypervolemia is fluid volume overload and the patient is experiencing a fluid volume deficit. The patient is dehydrated and not in fluid volume excess.

The correct answer for Intake is = 1035 mL
2 bottles of water x 16 x 30 mL =480 mL
8 oz coffee x 30 mL = 240 mL
3 T of antacid = 3 x 15 mL = 45 mL
3 (6 oz cup of ice * this counts half) 3×6/2= 9 x 30 mL = 270 mL

The correct answer for Output is: 2420 mL
Urine output
8.5 x 30 mL= 255 mL
18 x 30 mL= 540 mL
9 oz x 30 mL= 270 mL

650 mL x 2 = 1300 mL
Chest tube
55 mL = 55 mL

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