Endocrine Question #47


The nurse is assessing a client who voices concerns about having thyroid disease. Which question by the nurse is most appropriate?


  1. “Have you experienced muscle spasms or cramping?”
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  2. “Have you experienced tingling, numbness, or changes in sensation?”
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  3. “Have you experienced weight gain or loss during the past 3 months?”
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  4. “Have you experienced episodes of shakiness, sweating, or extreme hunger?”
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Weight gain or loss is one of several questions when probing history and physical changes associated with thyroid disorders. Hyperthyroidism may cause weigh loss while hypothyroidism may cause weight gain. When asking about numbness/tingling and muscle spasms, one would consider electrolyte imbalance such as hypocalcemia, not thyroid dysfunction. Shaky, sweating, or extreme hunger is more associated with diabetes not thyroid dysfunction.

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