Endocrine Question #46


The nurse is caring for a client who collapsed and is unresponsive after complaints of sudden lethargy, paleness, and irritability. Bedside blood sugar was 42 mg/dL. A nurse is caring for a client who has developed a hypoglycemic reaction. Which intervention will take priority?


  1. Offer 60cc orange juice after checking that swallowing reflex is present
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  2. Order a venous blood sample from the lab to double check the bedside blood sugar monitor.
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  3. Administer glucagon via parenteral route as soon as possible.
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  4. Hang and IV of Normal Saline and give a 500 mL fluid bolus as soon as possible
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The client is having a hypoglycemic episode and is unresponsive. The best action is to provide glucagon, especially since the client may be unresponsive or and may lack swallowing reflex. The nurse would therefore, not offer fluids. While IV fluids may be ordered later, it is not the first priority action.

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