Endocrine Question #44


The nurse is caring for a client with Type 1 diabetes. The client is on Sliding Scale Regular insulin subcutaneous before meals and at bedtime. The sliding scale is as follows:

-60 mg/dL – 150 mg/dL, give no insulin

-151 mg/dL – 200 mg/dL, give 2 units Humulin R

-201 mg/dL – 250 mg/dL, give 4 units Humulin R

-251 mg/dL – 300 mg/dL, give 6 units Humulin R

-over 301 mg/dL, give 8 units Humulin R and notify the physician

The bedside blood glucose is 210 mg/dL at 0730. How much insulin would the nurse give?


  1. 4 Units Humulin N subcutaneous
    • Rationale:
  2. 2 Units Humulin R subcutaneous
    • Rationale:
  3. 4 Units Humulin R subcutaneous
    • Rationale:
  4. 8 Units Humulin R subcutaneous
    • Rationale:



The nurse would withdraw 4 Units Humulin R since the blood sugar is 210 mg/dL and the sliding scale for blood sugar 201 mg/dL – 250 mg/dL is 4 Units Humulin R subqutaneous. The first selection is 4 Units but the insulin type is incorrect (Humulin N). The other selections do not coincide with the blood sugar results and sliding scale.

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