Endocrine Question #42


The nurse is performing discharge instructions to a client with diabetes insipidus. Which statement by the client indicates that more instruction is needed?


  1. “I will gradually take less vasopressin until all is out of my system.”
  2. “I will weight myself daily at the same time wearing similar clothing.”
  3. “I will wear a medic-alert bracelet all the time."
  4. “I will keep track of how much liquids I drink and how much I urinate.”


Diabetes insipidus requires long-term vasopressin and the client should not decrease the dose. Vasopressin an antidiuretic hormone used to enhance reabsorption of water in the kidneys when diabetes insipidus is present. Clients should be instructed on long-term use, intake and output monitoring, wearing a medic alert system, and monitoring fluid balance through daily weights.