Endocrine Question #38


During admission assessment, the nurse reviews the medical history of a client who is going to have new therapy with gonadotrophins. The nurse is concerned and notifies the healthcare provider because the client’s history reveals which condition?


  1. Sensitivity to sulphur
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  2. Vasomotor flushes
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  3. Adrenal dysfunction
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  4. Infertility
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Gonadotropins are contraindicated in clients with adrenal dysfunction, liver disease, high gonadotropin levels, and pregnancy. There are no interactions with Sulphur containing drugs. While side effects may be vasomotor flushes, the presence of these hormone related reactions are similar to menopause flushes and may not cause contraindication for use. Infertility would not be the correct response since the medication may be given because of failure to ovulate.

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