Endocrine Question #32


The nurse is providing instruction to a client on self-administration of lispro (Humalog) insulin. The nurse will stress which time frames to administer the injection of lispro insulin?


  1. Inject lispro subcutaneous daily at noon
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  2. Inject lispro subcutaneous nightly prior to bedtime snack.
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  3. Inject lispro subcutaneous 30 minutes prior to breakfast.
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  4. Inject lispro subcutaneous 15 minutes prior to eating.
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The client should inject Lispro 15 minutes prior to eating. Lispro (Humalog) insulin is rapid acting insulin and has an onset of less than 15 minutes and peak effect may occur in 30-90 minutes with duration of less than 5 hours. Since its effect is exerted within 15 minutes, clients must eat within this time frame. The selection A and B do not have time elements listed which is critical for this rapid acting drug. Selection C refers to Humulin R, or Novolin R, which are in the regular insulin family and are short acting versus rapid acting. Regular insulins start working within 30 -60 minutes, peak in 2-4 hours, and have duration of 4-8 hours.

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