Endocrine Question #31


A client with type 1 diabetes mellitus received an early AM dose of regular insulin per sliding scale. The client ate 20% of breakfast. The nurse returns at 1000 to assess the client. Which sign will the nurse observe for hypoglycemia?


  1. Rash
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  2. Shakiness
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  3. Polyuria
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  4. Fruity acetone odor to breath
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Shakiness is a sign of hypoglycemia. Regular insulin has an onset of 0.5 hr to 1 hour and peak of 2 to 4 hours. The client did not eat much breakfast and runs the risk of low blood sugar. The nurse should assess the client 2 hours after insulin administration for signs of hypoglycemia. Rash, polyuria, and fruity odor to the breath are not signs of hypoglycemia. Polyuria is a sign of hyperglycemia and fruity breath a sign of diabetic ketoacidosis. Rash is not a sign of hypoglycemia.

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