Endocrine Question #28


The nurse is providing instruction on use of estrogen therapy (Premarin) for a client diagnosed with menopause. Which statement by the client indicates understanding of the adverse side effects of Premarin?


  1. “I may cause some swelling, weight change, hypertension, and breast tenderness.”
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  2. “I will not exercise regularly because I might overtax my heart.”
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  3. “I can take the medication with grapefruit juice.”
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  4. “I will take aspirin instead of Tylenol for pain.”
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Premarin and other estrogen preparations may cause swelling, weight changes, hypertension, and breast tenderness. Risks of thrombus is higher while on estrogen. The other selections do not reflect understanding. Exercise is beneficial, and grapefruit juice with estrogens may make it harder for the body to break down the medication. Taking estrogen with blood thinners or aspirin may increase the risk for bleeding.

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