Endocrine Question #27


A nurse is instruction through Teach Back to a client learning how to perform self-blood glucose monitoring. The nurse evaluates the instruction and identifies the need for additional teaching because of which of the following client statements?


  1. “ I will keep a log of glucose results to monitor for trends.”
    • Rationale:
  2. “I will try to maintain my blood sugar values around 110 mg/mL.”
    • Rationale:
  3. “I will always wash my hands prior to puncturing the finger pad.”
    • Rationale:
  4. “I will puncture my finger in the center of the finger pad.”
    • Rationale:



Testing blood through puncture to the middle of the finger pad is painful and may not have better blood flow compared to the a site off-center. Finger tips are also not utilized. Rotating finger tips is also advised. All of the other selections indicate knowledge of instruction.

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