Endocrine Question #25


A client with Type 2 diabetes asks the nurse why insulin injections are necessary after surgery since only oral hypoglycemics are taken while at home. Which statement by the nurse best explains the likely cause for this short-term change in treatment?


  1. “Surgical procedures may alter normal glucose because of stress on the body.”
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  2. “Once insulin injections occur they might need to continue while at home.”
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  3. Insulin must be given because the infusion solutions are heavily concentrated with sugars.”
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  4. It is easier for the staff to manage blood sugars if insulin protocol is followed.”
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Glycemic control during postoperative stage may be difficult due to stress on the body resulting in excess cortisol and catecholamine levels. Anesthesia may also play a role in affecting blood glucose. Insulin administration postoperatively may be temporary and will not be continued at home. Insulin is not administered because of dextrose containing infusion solutions and insulin is not administered for staff ease.

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