Endocrine Question #24


A nurse is providing instruction with client demonstration on self-administration of insulin. Which of the following Teach Back actions will the nurse observe by the client? (Select all that apply)


  1. Client takes vial and gently rotates it and states, “I will ensure that insulin vial is never shaken.”
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  2. Client describes where insulin will be stored then states, “ I will never freeze insulin”
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  3. Client looks at the hospital menu then states, “ I can give myself more insulin, then eat anything I want.”
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  4. Client performs mock injection site selection and states, “I will rotate sites.”
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Vials must never be shaken since bubbles may interfere with the medication. Insulin must never be frozen, and if it freezes it should be thrown away. Rotation of the injection site helps reduce irritation and bruising, and helps prevent lipohypertrophy.

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