Endocrine Question #21


A nurse is teaching a Type 2 diabetic client about the prescribed once daily detemir (Levemir) insulin injection. Which is the best time of day for the client to take the Levemir insulin?


  1. Midday prior to lunch
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  2. Morning with breakfast
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  3. Evening or bedtime
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  4. Three hours after midday meal
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The recommended once-daily dose should be administered with the evening meal or at bedtime. The other times for administration of the medication are incorrect (Answer A, B, D). If the insulin is ordered twice daily, then injections may be in the am and 12 hours later. Levemir is basal insulin that is long-acting and made to replace insulin that the body would normally make. It may be used in clients with Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, it may be used alone or with metformin or even shorter-acting insulins if needed.

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