Endocrine Question #18


The nurse is providing diabetic education on Type I diabetes to a newly diagnosed13-year old. Which non-pharmacological instruction will most benefit health promotion while living with Type I diabetes?


  1. Perform routine physical exercise.
  2. Do not take insulin while ill.
  3. 50% of daily intake should be from protein.
  4. Oral hypoglycemic medications may be given in-between insulin.


Routine physical exercise is beneficial for diabetics and the teen may need to learn how to take self blood sugars before and after activity and to carry forms of sugar. Exercise benefits those with Type I diabetes since it may help increase insulin sensitivity which means the body may not need as much insulin to process carbohydrates. Safely incorporating exercise will help with long-term life styles into adulthood. Selection B is incorrect since the question is about non-pharmacological management. Selection of C is incorrect since 45-50% should come from carbohydrates not protein. Oral hypoglycemic will not be correct since the teen has Type I, which is insulin dependent.