Endocrine Question #16


Which of the psychosocial nursing diagnoses are best for planning nursing interventions for a 30 year-old female client diagnosed with Cushing syndrome and verbalizes “I don’t know why I look so ugly now.”


  1. Decisional conflict
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  2. Disturbed body image
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  3. Interrupted family processes
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  4. Impaired social interaction
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Disturbed body image for a client with Cushing’s syndrome will be important for the 30-year-old female. Actual changes in structure and function of the body occurs such as roundness to the face, edema, truncal obesity, abdominal striae, and the characteristic “buffalo hump”. Young adults may be affected by changes to their bodies especially at a time when social and intimate relationships are important. Decisional conflict is not a priority since the client is not presenting with a decisional crisis. Having a condition like Cushing’s Disease may create changes in family dynamics, but the question is centered toward the client herself, and looking into her other family issues is beyond the question stem. Impaired social isolation may certainly occur; however, it may occur as a result of the primary nursing diagnosis of disturbed body image based on assessment and data collection which includes subjective findings of the client’s self perceptions.

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