Endocrine Question #10


The nurse is providing instruction to a client about iodine for thyroid function. Which food would the nurse recommend as a good source of dietary iodine?


  1. Shrimp
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  2. Unsalted peanuts
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  3. Honey
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  4. Canned fruit
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Shellfish such as shrimp are sources of dietary iodine. Other sources are cheese, cow milk, eggs, yogurt, iodized salt, saltwater fish, seaweed, and cranberries. Iodine is an element necessary for the production of thyroid hormone. The body does not manufacture its own iodine, so it must come from a food source. Too little iodine may cause the body to not make enough thyroid hormone, which may result in iodine deficiency with enlarged thyroid (Goiter) and signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. Selections B, C, & D are examples of foods low in iodine.

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