Endocrine Question #1


In planning the care for a client with Graves Disease, which nursing diagnosis will the nurse select?


  1. Alteration in Nutrition: More than body requirements related to hypometabolic state.
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  2. Impaired gas exchange related to inability to perform activities of daily living without oxygen.
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  3. Self Care deficit: Actual related to inability to bathe or dress self.
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  4. Impaired tissue integrity: Corneal related to dryness secondary to exophthalmos.
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Corneal dryness can occur with exophthalmos in persons with Graves’ Disease. Graves’ Disease is influenced by hyperthyroidism. One of the cardinal signs is exophthalmos which causes eye dryness. Dryness must be treated with lubricating eye drops. The drops will supplement lubrication and decrease factors that may lead to lid retraction. More than body requirements with nutrition is related to hypothyroidism. Supplemental oxygen may not be needed for Graves’. Clients with Graves’ may be able to perform self care, so they may not have a deficit.

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