Electrolytes Question #55


The nurse is caring for a client with hypocalcemia. In addition to assessing the client’s calcium level, which other assessment would the nurse make a priority?


  1. Other electrolyte levels
    • Rationale:
  2. Drug toxicity
    • Rationale:
  3. Symptoms of glaucoma
    • Rationale:
  4. Electroencephalogram (EEG) results
    • Rationale:



The correct answer is A. If other electrolyte imbalances are present along with hypocalcemia, it could be an indication of renal failure. Drug toxicity, symptoms of glaucoma, and EEG results would not be affected by a low calcium level.

NCLEX TIP: Using critical thinking is recommended when reading priority questions. Recognizing key words in the answer choices will allow you to know how to choose the correct answer for the question. Go through each answer choice and decide is it: Maslow’s hierarchy, safety-related, or following the nursing process (ADPIE). Never complete a nursing action that is outside the scope of practice.

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