EKG Question #19


The nurse is caring for a client who requires application of a three-lead telemetry and the colors of the leads are supplied in white, red, and black (American Heart Assoc color-coding standards). The nurse correctly applies the white lead (RA). Where will the other two leads be placed? (Select all that apply)


  1. The black lead will be placed on the left ankle (LA) and is not on the illustration
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  2. The Red lead will be placed on lower left (also called Lower Leg) (LL)
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  3. The black lead will be placed on left upper chest wall near left arm (LA)
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  4. The monitors display bipolar leads (I, II, & III)
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The three electrode system displays leads I, II, and III, and are placed on the chest wall equi-distant from the heart instead of over limbs. Some leads are red, yellow, and green (European standard color coding). If those colors are present: RA = Red; LA = yellow; LL = green. The nurse must be familiar with policies and which type of lead coding is used.

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