ECG Question #8


The nurse nurse’s first priority following initiation of CPR for a client identified as having ventricular fibrillation is to:


  1. Continue CPR
    • Rationale:
  2. Defibrillate the client
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  3. Administer calcium IV
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  4. Administer oxygen
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Ventricular fibrillation is a rapid disorganized ventricular rhythm that causes ineffective quivering of the ventricles. Clients may become unresponsive, without a pulse, and may stop breathing. CPR must be initiated immediately. The question indicates that CPR is in progress and rhythm is identified as ventricular fibrillation. The priority is to administer a shock immediately. CPR should be continued following defibrillation. Intravenous calcium is not indicated. Oxygen would be used if the client was being ventilated with a bag-mask-valve device.

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