ECG Question #6


A client on telemetry was found to have a run of supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). The nurse determined this rhythm after analysis of the ECG which revealed:


  1. Ventricular and atrial rhythms were irregular and rates were high
  2. The QRS complex was normal and ventricular rate was 70 bpm.
  3. The P wave was inverted and the ventricular rate was high
  4. P waves were absent, ventricular rate was 210 bpm, and the run began and ended abruptly


Characteristics of SVT include absence of P waves, a ventricular rate greater than 200 bpm, and a sudden onset and abrupt end to the rhythm. Irregular ventricular and atrial rhythms that are rapid can be used to describe several cardiac dysrhythmias. A normal QRS complex with a ventricular rate of 70 bpm describes normal sinus rhythm. The P wave is inverted in a junctional rhythm.