ECG Question #25


The nurse is reviewing the following strip:

The nurse interprets the ECG as:


  1. Ventricular bigeminy
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  2. Unifocal PVC
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  3. Ventricular trigeminy
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  4. Mobitz type I block
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When a premature ventricular contraction occurs (PVC), it is generally early before the expected QRS complex. When the PVC begins to follow each conducted beat it is called bigeminy. Bigeminy may occur with electrolyte imbalances, ischemia, and medications. The QRS is wide and may not have a P wave. Clients with bigeminy run the risk of ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, and possible torsades. Occasionally, bigeminy is considered benign; however, clients will be advised to avoid stimulants and have regular cardiac assessments. This rhythm does not demonstrate unifocal PVCs, ventricular trigeminy, or Mobitz type I heart block.

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