ECG Question #24


A client who plays baseball and runs four miles per day is admitted for a surgical procedure. Assessment data includes vital signs in normal ranges except for the heart rate which is 54 beats per minute. The electrocardiogram (ECG) reveals a slow but regular rhythm. The nurse interprets this finding as:


  1. Sinus bradycardia
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  2. Sick sinus syndrome
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  3. First degree block
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  4. Long QT syndrome
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The slower rhythm may be seen in health adults who are well conditioned, athletic, and asymptomatic. It may be caused by medication, so the nurse will need to assess and review all medications. If symptoms occur, they are usually complaints of extreme fatigue, lightheadedness, and dizzy when position changes. It is unlikely that the client has sick sinus syndrome, first degree heart block, or long QT syndrome.

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