Cardiac Question #45


A client with stage 1 hypertension appears at the clinic for follow-up. The patient’s BP is 138/88 mm Hg. The patient asks why it is important to treat hypertension. What would be the nurse’s best response?


  1. “Hypertension causes relaxation and dilation of arteries which strains the heart.”
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  2. “Hypertension if unchecked increases risk of adult onset of Type 1 Diabetes.”
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  3. “Hypertension is the leading cause of death in people your age.”
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  4. “Hypertension greatly increases your risk of stroke and heart disease.”
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Hypertension increases the risk of stroke and heart disease and persons with Stage 1 may progress to Stage 2 unless lifestyle changes are taken to control the blood pressure. Hypertension does not dilate arteries, but causes vascular resistance vasoconstriction. While insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome may lead to increased sympathetic activity and hypertension, it does not increase the development of insulin dependent diabetes (Type 1).

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