Cardiac Question #37


The nurse is caring for a client who required insertion of an automatic internal cardioverter-defibrillator and is preparing information for home management and safety. Which information by the nurse is most important for client instruction?


  1. Self-management of anxiety through biofeedback.
  2. Keeping a log of activities that occur near electromagnetic sources.
  3. Encouraging swimming alone as a healthy activity.
  4. Instruction on use of a Medic-Alert device.


The client should always wear a Medic-Alert device such as a medic alert necklace or bracelet, and an ID card that states the client has an ICD. While the client should avoid machines that have magnetic fields (such as MRIs), there is no reason to log them. Swimming may be restricted by the healthcare provider for a period of time; however, if allowed, clients must not swim alone. Using biofeedback for anxiety is not the most important instructional topic. Safety and management of the ICD are most important.