Cardiac Question #34


The nurse is providing education for a client diagnosed with angina pectoris. Further education is needed after the client verbalizes which statement after teaching is provided?


  1. “I know that exercise may increase the heart’s oxygen demands, and may cause angina; however, moderate exercise is beneficial.”
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  2. “Exercise must be avoided at all costs, and I will be more comfortable in my chair during the day.”
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  3. “I can log symptoms and activities that precipitate angina attacks.”
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  4. “If I experience angina, I will stop the activity and sit or lie down to reduce oxygen requirements until the pain subsides.”
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All of the answers are appropriate for the client’s management of angina after discharge except the selection regarding avoiding exercise (selection B). The client needs more information and education for statements that indicate ceasing of activity and exercise. Light to moderate exercise on a regular schedule is beneficial and has a positive effect on contributing factors of heart disease. Exercise increases blood and oxygen flow to the heart while at rest and while performing other activities.

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