Cardiac Question #29


The nurse just received report from the cardiac catheterization team following a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedure. During the assessment, the nurse notices a blood soaked dressing and bleeding from the femoral artery access site. What action should the nurse perform first?


  1. Add another dressing layer on top of the saturated dressing.
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  2. Raise the leg and place the client in trendelenburg position.
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  3. Immediately pull on the femoral sheath until it is out of the femoral site.
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  4. Call for help and apply pressure to the site immediately.
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The nurse should immediately call for help and apply pressure to the site. Adding another dressing over the saturated dressing will not stop the bleeding. Raising the lower extremity or placing the client in trendelenburg will not stop the bleeding. Increased bleeding and possible hemorrhage may occur if the femoral sheath is pulled out.

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