Cardiac Question #25


Part of the plan of care for a client who recently received mechanical valve prosthesis is discharge education for home management. Which information will the nurse determine to have the most priority?


  1. The need to reschedule valve replacement within 5 years
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  2. Report near high or low blood pressure and heart rates
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  3. Strategies for preventing atherosclerosis
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  4. Strategies for infection prevention
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A priority education need is for infection prevention strategy because of the risks for infective endocarditis. Teaching will include notifying the health provider for increased temperature, sore throat, need for prophylactic antibiotics prior to dental procedures, and if exposure to others with illness has occurred. Strategies for prevention of atherosclerosis’ are important, but are not a priority for immediate management of post-surgical and life-long management of valve prosthetics. Teaching on infection prevention has higher priority than reporting borderline heart rate and/or blood pressure Reporting high or low heart rates (above and/or below parameters set by the healthcare provider—not only borderline findings), palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, fluctuations in blood pressure, dizziness, and syncope are important to report.

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