Cardiac Question #21


The nurse is assigned five clients on the medical floor of the hospital. The hospital’s infection control committee is creating a proactive program to identify clients at risk for hospital acquired infective endocarditis. Which of the five clients would be most at risk for hospital-acquired infective endocarditis?


  1. Patients with kidney failure and receiving in-hospital dialysis.
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  2. Oncology patients who just received immunotherapeutic agents.
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  3. Clients out of the Intensive Care Unit who were treated with thrombolytics
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  4. All pediatric clients being treated with IV antibiotics.
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Infective endocarditis in clients receiving hemodialysis is significantly more common and causes greater morbitiy and mortality than in other populations. For this reason, attention must be made for healthcare associated dialysis infective endocarditis. Hemodialysis clients are prone to bacteremia, particularly staph, strep, and enterococcus bacteria. While oncology patients, post ICU patients, and pediatric patients are at risk for infection, hemodialysis clients have higher risk for infective endocarditis.

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