Cardiac Question #16


A nurse is caring for a patient who returned from surgical popliteal bypass graft procedure. A priority assessment during the first 24 hours will include:


  1. Assess pulse of affected extremity every 15 minutes, followed by agency policy.
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  2. Palpate the affected leg for pain and venous return during every assessment.
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  3. Assess the patient for signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome every 2 hours.
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  4. Perform Doppler evaluation once daily.
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Assessment of affected extremity every 15 minutes, followed by agency policy is recommended after surgical popliteal bypass graft. Assessment of blood flow with regular frequency immediately post-surgery and for 24 hours thereafter will provide neurovascular assessment. Palpation of affected leg is contraindicated, and compartment syndrome occurs with injured tissue usually the result of injury. While Doppler evaluation may occur, the client is post-operative and requires more frequent assessment.

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