Anatomy & Physiology Respiratory #3


Which respiratory structure receives air from the nares or the mouth?


  1. Larynx
    • Rationale:

      (Choice 1) The larynx receives inspired air from the trachea. It is the passage by which the air passes into the bronchi of the lung.

  2. Pharynx
    • Rationale:

      The pharynx is a structure of the upper respiratory tract. It receives air from the nares (or the mouth) and then moves that air past the epiglottis to the larynx.

  3. Nostrils
    • Rationale:

      The nostrils, or nares, are an upper respiratory structure. Their primary purpose is to let air enter the nasal cavities so it can be purified and moved to the next respiratory structure.

  4. Trachea
    • Rationale:

      The trachea, or windpipe, is a lower respiratory structure. It connects the pharynx to the larynx.


The structures of the upper respiratory tract provide a route for air to move between the outside atmosphere and the lungs.


Learning Outcomes

The pharynx is a structure of the upper respiratory tract, or system. It allows for the movement of air from the nose and mouth to the larynx. This process is referred to as breathing.

Test Taking Tip

Think about the function of each structure when determining the correct choice for this question.

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