Anatomy & Physiology Reproductive #18


Which reproductive structure is used to house a developing fetus during a normal pregnancy?


  1. Uterus
    • The uterus is the internal female reproductive organ that is used to house, or store, a developing fetus during pregnancy.

  2. Ovaries
    • The ovaries store ova, or eggs, for the process of ovulation. While an internal female reproductive organ, it is not used to house the developing fetus during pregnancy.

  3. Scrotum
    • The scrotum is an external male reproductive organ. It houses the testicles which are responsible for sperm production.

  4. Salpinges
    • Salpinges, or fallopian tubes, are internal female reproductive structures that are the site of ovum fertilization. Once an egg is fertilized, it travels to the uterus for implantation where it develops into a fetus during the process of pregnancy.


Pregnancy is defined as the state of carrying a developing fetus within the body of the female.

Learning Outcomes

The uterus is an internal female reproductive organ. The uterus lies just above the vagina. It is the structure that houses the fetus during the 40 weeks of pregnancy, or gestation.

Test Taking Tip

Eliminate wrong answers! Consider each answer option and its function in regard to pregnancy to choose the correct choice for this question.