Anatomy & Physiology Nervous #3


Which association between the identified brain structure and function is false?


  1. Hypothalamus - Appetite
    • Rationale:

      The hypothalamus is a critical area of the brain that is responsible for integrating signals from the central and peripheral pathways. It plays a major role in regulating the appetite; therefore, this association is true.

  2. Cerebellum - Motor coordination
    • Rationale:

      The cerebellum receives information from the sensory systems and spinal cord, in addition to other parts of the brain, thereby is responsible for movements. It plays a major role in motor coordination; therefore, this association is true.

  3. Medulla oblongata - Basic emotional drives
    • Rationale:

      The medulla oblongata is not responsible for basic emotional drives but it does control involuntary functions; therefore, this association is false.

  4. Cerebral cortex - High end intellectual function
    • Rationale:

      The cerebral cortex is responsible for high-order brain functions including association, memory, perception, sensation, thought, and voluntary physical movement. It is responsible for high end intellectual function; therefore, this association is true.


Each brain structure is responsible for a specific function within the body.


Learning Outcomes

The medulla oblongata is located in the brain stem. This brain structure controls involuntary functions. Examples of functions controlled by the medulla oblongata include cardiac function (e.g., pumping of the heart) and respirations (i.e., breathing). The medulla oblongata does not control basic emotional drives within the human body.

Test Taking Tip

Take each answer choice and ask yourself, “Does this brain structure impact the identified function?” If the answer is yes, this is a distractor. If the answer is no, this is the correct answer choice.

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