Anatomy & Physiology Musculoskeletal #32


Which term is defined as an immovable joint?


  1. Diarthrosis
    • Rationale:

      Diarthrosis is a joint classification that indicates a freely moveable joint.

  2. Articulations
    • Rationale:

      Articulations is another term for joints. It is not a specific joint classification.

  3. Synarthrosis
    • Rationale:

      Synarthrosis is a joint classification that indicates an immovable joint.

  4. Amphiarthrosis
    • Rationale:

      Amphiarthrosis is a joint classification that indicates a slightly movable joint.


A joint is the junction point between two or more bones.


Learning Outcomes

Joints are composed of cartilage and fibrous connective tissue. They permit bodily movements and are classified according to their structure and function. Synarthrosis is a type of joint that is immovable.

Test Taking Tip

Use your knowledge of medical terminology to assist in choosing the correct choice for this question.

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