Anatomy & Physiology Hematological #3


Which blood type has no plasma antibodies?


  1. Type A
    • Rationale:

      Individuals with type A blood have anti-B antibodies.

  2. Type B
    • Rationale:

      Individuals with type B blood have anti-A antibodies.

  3. Type O
    • Rationale:

      Individuals with type O blood have both anti-A and anti-B antibodies.

  4. Type AB
    • Rationale:

      Individuals with type AB blood have neither anti-A nor anti-B antibodies.


An antibody is defined as protein made by plasma cells.


Learning Outcomes

There are several types of antibodies that help determine blood type. These antibodies include anti-A, anti-B, and a combination of the two. Individuals with type AB blood have no antibodies.

Test Taking Tip

Consider the different blood types and how they are classified, including antibodies, antigens, and proteins when determining the correct choice for this question.

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