Anatomy & Physiology Hematological #19


Which part of the bone produces and stores red blood cells (RBCs)?


  1. Diaphysis
    • Rationale:

      The diaphysis is the main or midsection (i.e., shaft) of a long bone.

  2. Epiphysis
    • Rationale:

      The epiphysis is the rounded end of long bones.

  3. Medullary cavity
    • Rationale:

      While the bone marrow is responsible for the production and storage of RBCS, it is found in the medullary cavity of long bones.

  4. Articular cartilage
    • Rationale:

      The articular cartilage is a highly specialized connective tissue of the diarthrodial joints.


There are three primary types of blood cells within the body: RBCs, white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets.


Learning Outcomes

RBCs, most WBCs, and platelets are produced in the bone marrow, the soft fatty tissue inside bone cavities. The medullary cavity is the space within the long bones below the layer of compact bone tissue. The bone marrow is found within the medullary cavity; therefore, this is where RBCs are produced and stored.

Test Taking Tip

Consider the structure and function of each part of the bone to choose the correct answer for this question.

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