Anatomy & Physiology Circulatory #7


Which type of blood cell is found in lymph subsystem vessels?


  1. Platelets
    • Rationale:

      Platelets are a blood cell that is carried within the circulatory, not lymphatic subsystem, within the human body. Platelets play an important role in hemostasis.

  2. Lymph fluid
    • Rationale:

      While lymph fluid is circulated by the lymphatic subsystem, this fluid is not a type of blood cell.

  3. Red blood cells
    • Rationale:

      Erythrocytes, or red blood cells, are carried throughout the circulatory, not lymphatic subsystem, within the human body.

  4. White blood cells
    • Rationale:

      White blood cells are contained within the lymph fluid in the lymphatic system vessels. Another name for white blood cells is lymphocytes.


The lymphatic subsystem is considered a part of the circulatory system. is quite different from the circulatory system described immediately above.


Learning Outcomes

While the lymphatic subsystem is part of the human body’s circulatory system, it has many differences from the other components of this system. The vessels of the lymphatic system, unlike the vessels of the circulatory system, contain a fluid called lymph fluid. Lymph fluid in lymphatic system vessels contains white blood cells including lymphocytes.

Test Taking Tip

Consider the types of fluid that circulate within the lymph system to determine the blood cell that is found in these vessels.

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